Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'd Rather Stay in the Classroom...

Tomorrow I have to leave my students with a sub. I have a required training that I have to attend. What's the training on, you might ask? Well, it is on teacher evaluation.

Our county is going to a new teacher evaluation system next year and apparently feels it is necessary to provide all those scheduled for evaluation next year with a whole day of training on the new system.

Myself I simply wonder what makes a whole day of training really so necessary? I mean, if you want me to be a good teacher, then allow me to stay in my classroom and teach! While, yes, my students are technically still having reading workshop tomorrow, I know it's not really a true workshop without me also there. There's no sub I yet know who I feel comfortable handing the real reins over to, so while my sub can sit and observe and hopefully keep my kids on task, I can't ask her to be me and wear the conferencing, note-taking, observing and assessing hats that are also a big part my job in workshop each day.

But in missing tomorrow, I don't get a choice in the matter. I reluctantly must resign myself to the fact that I have to leave my kids behind tomorrow (e.g. sacrifice good class time with them), to instead go and spend the entire day listening to whomever tell me about how I'm going to be assessed as teacher next year. Somehow I just don't quite understand the logic behind tomorrow's training, but alas, off I go to it anyways, even I feel my time would be better spent elsewhere...because, yes, I'd definitely rather stay in my classroom.

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