Friday, August 20, 2010

Excitement and a Bit of Panic too!

Wow, three entries in one day! That's probably a record, but after several days of being in mental anguish over what in the world to do, I made my decision tonight. I got a call from the public school offering me the 6th grade language arts and science position that I interviewed for earlier this week, and I accepted it! :)

It's almost funny how things work. Two days ago, my heart had decided to say no, if the job was offered, but after thinking things thru today, my heart began to settle on the idea that "yes" was the best option. I still someday want the adventure a position like Colorado would have offered, but my heart finally told me, I'm not ready for it yet. Instead, I'm going to teach where relocation isn't immediately necessary. My thoughts tell me: teach nearby, save up money (this position should be a significant raise), plan things out, and work on making the leap next year when it's completely on my terms—i.e. not an unexpected layoff and a scurry for last-minute positions. Where I really want be is abroad, and I think I'm going to work on trying to make that happen for the school year after this one.

Of course, I better enjoy this weekend. Monday will start an absolutely crazy week! Classes will start on Wednesday, and Monday will be my very first chance to get in the building, see my room and get a run-down on the curriculum. But honestly, in the midst of my panic, I think there's excitement mixed in too...after all, I do finally have a job! :)

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