Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Moving Forwards...

I've tried this whole blog thing before.  About three years ago, I began the blogging adventure over at ProTeacher.  My first attempt was: "Thoughts of a sixth year teacher in sixth grade," (Maybe a great title for one year, but not really appropriate for multiple years of blogging!)  So, after one year passed, the name had to quickly morph into something else:  "Writer's Workshop Woes and Woes" was born.  Much was written about writer's workshop, but as reader's workshop is an important part of our language arts day too, that blog title never seemed completely appropriate either.  Time passed, interest decreased, and soon I realized the blog was covered in a thick layer of neglectful dust.

Now I'm not guaranteeing this blog won't suffer the same fate, but I'm giving the whole blog thing one more try. (After all, don't they say, the third time is the charm?)  As the title suggests, I'm not limiting the content this time around either.  This blog will be a place to reflect, cry, celebrate, shout, rant, jump for joy, brainstorm, share ideas and maybe (if I'm lucky) get some feedback, and generally, simply write about the things that occur as my sixth graders and I explore the wonders (and occasionally the woes) of readers and writers workshop each and every day.

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